10 weeks


My itsy bitsy 2.59kg newborn is now a 5+kg 10 week old. Well, tomorrow he’ll be 10 weeks old but you know if I wait until tomorrow I’ll forget and blogging won’t happen. So you get to hear all about our Georgeous boy a day early.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, clearly he’s the cutest baby in the history of ever (except for those other 4 boys that came from the same recipe, they were pretty dark gorgeous babies too). He is spitting image of Jack but he’s the only one of our babes to have kept their hair after birth! All the others have become baldies in the first month, but this little guy still has a decent crop of dark hair.

I must say though, George is a dreamboat baby. He’s very calm and relaxed, feeds well, goes straight to sleep after feeds at night and tolerates his older brothers’ exuberant affections amazingly well. Counting our blessings that he happily sleeps (most days and so far, knocking on wood so hard right now). It’s a nice change from the tag teaming of infant twins and the intensity of a babe who refuses to sleep (aka Lewis, oh the things we did to get him to sleep!).

We are all besotted with him, I’m constantly fending off requests to hold and cuddle him. Do I really have to share the delicious with his father and brothers? Really? REALLY? I don’t wanna. I mean, would YOU want to give up this view?


I do though, promise. And then they fight over who’s turn it is to hold him. Ollie in particular hurls himself to the floor if he thinks he didn’t get a long enough hold. He’s very dramatic.


All in all, life at the moment is exhausting, but utterly delightful.


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