TwinletsV2 15 weeks update


15 weeks in now, approximately 20 weeks to go if they arrive at a similar gestation to version 1 twinlets…eep!!

Morning sickness still hasn’t appeared (thank goodness!!), exhaustion seems to be settling in for the long haul, as does food aversions. It’s just SO much fun being staaaarving hungry but all available options just seem blah. Red meat is a no go, as is milk and I’m hiding my veggies more than I’ve ever done for the toddlers!

Saladas are popular, icy cold water, jacket potatoes, chicken and anything salty. I could happily kiss the feet of whoever it was that invented Omeprazole for reflux!

The babies are doing well, our nuchal translucency scan came back low risk, they were wiggling up a storm during the scan! Twin 1 was sucking their thumb, 4 pregnancies in the detail visible in ultrasounds still amazes me.

The shock is starting to wear off, much list writing going on, to-do lists, shopping lists, hospital bag lists…so many lists! And did I mention potentially only 20-ish weeks to go? Eep!!


2 Responses to TwinletsV2 15 weeks update

  1. Amy says:

    Look at those gorgeous babies! So glad that everything is going well. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is incredibly smooth.

    Are you going to find out genders, or be suprised?

  2. Such cute pics. Glad to hear your bubba’s are wiggling and well.
    Remember 20-ish weeks left means get as much rest as you can NOW. Very important 🙂

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