It is 2013, right??



Here we are, in 2013, and the same old debate is continuing. Cover up those breastfeeding boobs! Put them away or get out! Be discreet! Go do it somewhere else! Seriously?

Here’s what it boils down to. It doesn’t matter who says what idiotic comment, or who makes what complaint to management, it is a woman’s LEGAL RIGHT to breastfeed her child wherever she likes and whenever she likes. Asking that woman to move, cover up or whatever else is breaking the law. Simple as that.

And excuse me Mr Koch, just like claiming some of your best friends are gay before making some idiotic homophobic comment doesn’t make it any less homophobic, having 2 breastfeeding daughters doesn’t make YOUR comments any less discriminatory to breastfeeding women.

It’s 2013 people, babies are entitled to be fed when they want and women are entitled to feed them. If that’s something you have a problem with then the problem is yours, not the woman breastfeeding.



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