Now he is 4. Aka how I ruined my kid’s birthday

Ever have one of those ideas that seems really smart at the time only it turns out its reeeeeeally not? I had one of those moments the day before Lewis’s 4th birthday.

We were in the waiting room if the Maternal and Child Health Nurse for Lew’s 4yo check up when I remembered 4yo’s are due for their next round of immunisations. Being the conscientious mother I am (ha), ok so mostly it was remembering that the wait at the local Drs’ is shorter during school holidays and we were already on the same street seeing the nurse, I decided to take him straight there. Mistake #1.

Mistake #2 was telling him where we were going and why when we were still in the car. He was thrilled. Not really.

Mistake #3 was not telling the ever so “helpful” old guy to STFU. He repeatedly told Lewis he was a cry baby. From across the room. Yes, really.

Jabs done all was well, (rude elderly folk were still mouthy) so off we went.

Next day birthday boy happily opened his presents and posed for grinning photos.


We then ran around prepping for his little celebratory BBQ at the park with a few friends. I was busy trying to make a Bumblebee Transformer cake as per the birthday boy’s request and didn’t pay too much attention to him needing assistance to get his tshirt on. Mistake #4 (well, if we include cake mistakes we’re in double figures).

Cake done we trotted off to the park where we didn’t fully notice how off our boy was. He didn’t eat much and conked out far earlier than expected. Mistake #5 and #6, or parenting fail, you choose.


Back at home playing with his new presents (remote control BumbleBee Transformer that also transforms via the remote aka the gift I want to play with most myself) I fail to notice that one tshirt sleeve is looking tighter than the other. Power of observation, I haz it.


Finally while helping him get ready for bed I notice the swollen arm that I now realise he’d been avoiding using most of the day. I’m quick like that. We ended his birthday celebrations with a dash to the doctors, which he was ever so thrilled about given the previous day’s visit. Thank goodness the fire brigade pulled up just as we did, that kept him distracted in the waiting room. Yes, there were 3 fire engines. Yes I think that’s disconcerting too.

With the all clear (after he made the doctor sing happy birthday) it was home and bed for the birthday boy. And tears for this mumma. I totally ruined the kid’s birthday. Might need to have a do-over. Without the presents (Transformers aren’t cheap yo and are a complete pain in the proverbial to transform).

His arm looked mighty impressive the next day. Should’ve painted him green and called him The Hulk, total missed opportunity there.


See that big grin? That’s my Lew, happy and mostly easy going. And a wee bit off in his own world. And a whole lot of gorgeous. Sorry I ruined your birthday matey.


2 Responses to Now he is 4. Aka how I ruined my kid’s birthday

  1. Amy says:

    You didn’t even come close to ruining his birthday. He looks pretty darn happy. I reckon he’ll remember the awesome cake and the cool presents, and the Dr who sang to him.

    Happy Birthday little one.

  2. michelle says:

    Oh poor Lew look at his arm! However I don’t think you ruined his special day – look at how chuffed he was. He probably thought you organised the fire engines!

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