Grand final day 2012

What’s a woman to do on grand final day while attempting to simultaneously avoid the football and cleaning the house? Rearrange all the things of course!

Today the twins room got done over. Poor twinlets are a wee bit confused. At first I thought the logical thing to do would be to start slow, dismantle one cot and replace it with a toddler bed ready for their nap. went well as you can see.

After their nap it was on. The trio of canvases from their newborn photo shoot with the amazing Chrissy were relocated from the lounge room, both cots got the flick, brought in one of the Ikea rugs from the rumpus room, added 2 toddler beds, swapped the chest of drawers for the set in our bedroom. And several hours later we had a revamped room.

Let’s not talk about the pile of stuff on my bed that needs to be put back in drawers.


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