A walk to the park


Mistake #1: Thinking a solo trip to the park with 4 kids aged 5, almost 4 and 21 month old twins was a good idea.

Mistake #2: Not checking that the 2 seater pram was in the house before telling the kids we were off to the park.

Mistake #3: Not calling the whole thing off as soon as I realized we only had access to a single stroller and no Ergos. Ergos and big pram were in the car. Ffs.

Mistake #4: Forgetting that our local park was very much not designed with toddlers in mind.

Twins at the park are like magnets that repel, it is virtually impossible for the to run in the same direction.


Sebastian spotted a truck driving past and felt the need to chase it.


Trying to split myself between the child climbing the steps leading to many places to fall from a great height and the child that was standing at the top of the slide grinning at my horror…


Sebastian’s ladder climb attempt:


And naturally there was the obligatory twin bird chasing complete with floppy toddler refusing to walk nicely back to the park where the other 2 kids I was also parenting were. Can I get a ffs?


Of course, all the above was done with the older 2 in the background yelling “mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy, look at me mummy, push me on the swings mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy”.

The walk home with a toddler in the devil stroller and a toddler refusing to walk sure was fun.

Walking to park sure seemed like a good idea at the time…


One Response to A walk to the park

  1. I now refuse to push anyone on the swings as they send me batty – and you can’t chase toddlers if you’re stuck at the swing. Some days it just doesn’t feel worth it does it? Good on you though for getting out of the house.

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