Ode to Betty


Betty has lived with us for 6.5years, she looks exactly the same as when we first met her, right down to the store sticker still being in place. She’s maybe a smidgen dirtier, just a tad.
Betty has provided loyal service, through the newly wed year when she made life so much easier and through the first year of housewife/parenthood.

For the last 2.5 years Betty has been hidden away in a cupboard. She was there waiting to help when twin pregnancy exhausted me but the delicious smells wafting from her during the day made me nauseous. No idea what the problem was last year, stupidity maybe?

But this year, Betty has been dusted off and placed pride of place on the bench (at the back, away from little hands that like touching her buttons). Just today Betty cooked a delicious mexi-mince all morning and is now cooking the potatoes the mince will be served on.

Oh Betty, how I love thee. How easy you make my life, you take the afternoon crazies and make it a breeze. I’m sorry we hid you away for so long, your loyalty vastly outshines our own. I promise to make it up to you by filling you with lots of yummy ingredients.

Love you Betty, promise you’ll never leave?


One Response to Ode to Betty

  1. Sazz says:

    This is a stick-up! Hand over your slow cooker recipes and noone gets hurt.

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