I suck at emergencies


We felt the earth move last night. Weirdest feeling. Happily sitting in the recliner and suddenly the walls are shaking.

This is where I admit I suck at emergencies. While friends on Facebook and Twitter leapt into action planning their safe spot to ride out the tremor and some even thought about their children, I leapt to my feet to give Thommo stink eye. Yep, I somehow thought he was responsible for the tremor. I’m brilliant.


One Response to I suck at emergencies

  1. Sazz says:

    OMFG I am literally LOLing at that picture. Awesome!
    Nice one Thommo, I suppose it make sense that when the earth tremors for you, it’s his doing #happymarriage
    We didn’t even know it was going on, like everything in our parental haze we hear about it later when we finally get around to catching up on friend’s blogs 😉

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