This is the quietest our house has ever been when all 4 children are awake and not stuffing their faces with cake. All 4 are snuggled on the couch or on a parent. 4 fevers, 4 runny noses, 2 sad big boys. The babes are soldiering on in their own cheeky, smiley way.

This is the 3rd, or is it the 4th, I’ve lost track, week we’ve been on the illness merry go round. Colds, ear infection, gastro and now back to colds. Vitamin C has been upped, soup is simmering and garlic is being put in everything. And the piles of washing are growing.

The chemist is loving us! Our bank account is not. And if there is another round of sickness once we’ve cleared this cold then I’m running away from home.

And we’re only 2 weeks in to winter.

P.S. ANyone else now got that Bjork song in their head? You know the one, “it’s oh so quiet, shhhh, shhhh…”. You’re welcome.


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