Grown up?

I’m a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister. A part mortgage holder. But I don’t feel all that different to the day dreaming kid I was years ago.

I’m a sewer, a crafter, a terrible singer. An around the house dancer. A baker, a cuddler, a “kiss to make it better” provider. But am I a grown up?

I’m a learner, a reader, a thinker. A terrible housekeeper. A dreamer. A woman coming into her own sense of self. Learning I don’t have to obey the “rules”. Perhaps that is growing up?

I am loyal, I am passionate, I love. I am Megan, I am Mummy. I am Meg/Megs/Megsy. Will I ever feel “grown up”? Possibly not. But I am pleased to meet you.

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2 Responses to Grown up?

  1. MooneeMum says:

    Growing up is optional…I think so anyway. We were fortunate enough to buy my parents-in-law’s property after they both passed away and we keep a photo of my father in law in the kitchen so we feel like there is someone in charge, because neither of us feel grown-up…40 is the new 20 lol

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