DIY Friday: Petti pretties

Another pettiskirt this week, this are so time consuming to make but definitely worth it.

This time the recipient requested “hot blue” and it’s such a gorgeous colour.

Of course I didn’t get a completely finished photo, the ribbon was trimmed shorted, threads trimmed etc. I love pettiskirts, so swishy and frilly, I’m trying to work out if I have the patience to make one for myself, that would be an awful lot of ruffling…..

I realised I happened to have yarn on hand that is almost a perfect match to the colour of the pettiskirt, so I quickly crocheted a hat to match. I’m in love with crochet. And I’m very pleased with how this hat turned out.

I really must learn to have patience and take photos with the DSLR rather than my iPhone so I can share some decent photos of my craft pretties. One day I’ll learn. Maybe. Probably not.



One Response to DIY Friday: Petti pretties

  1. I finished that same hat today, after I found the pattern for it on Ravelry. I love that you added a button to it.

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