Lemon muffin goodness

My mum sent over a batch of yummy lemon muffins last night. I was then up most of the night with gastro-stricken Jack, fun times. Somehow, come morning, there were only 4 muffins left, 1 for each Thomlet.

But then I forgot to lock the pantry after making breakfast and sometime mid morning 2 toddlers came wandering into the lounge room with a muffin in each hand. Both half eaten of course.

Attack of the guilts lead to a quick Google for a lemon muffin recipe. Found this one, had all the ingredients so quickly set about making a double batch. Which was really really smart of me considering our oven is playing up.

Thankfully all was fine and these muffins are delicious! I went with a double batch and that made 16 normal sized muffins and 24 mini muffins to add to Jack’s kinder snack freezer stash.

I actually followed the recipe pretty much to the letter for once. Not like me at all, must be the lack of sleep. I did prick the muffins with a fork before dousing them in the lemon juice/sugar mixture. And I would recommend tall muffin cups or aiming to fill your tray less than usual so there is something to catch the yummy lemon juice run off.

Really easy, really tasty muffins. Go make them. Go on, go.


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