The cold wind blows

It seems Melbourne has turned the corner into winter. A short few weeks ago we were still having sunny days in the high teens/low twenties. But yesterday was a day of steady rain and winds. Hello winter.

Of course, with winter comes illness. This week has been a doozy for that at Chez Thommo. It started Monday night with Sebastian having a mild reaction to dinner. Then there was vomit in our bed (not the last time for the week either). And it was on like donkey kong from there. A fairly random, nasty bug has invaded. Respiratory with a side of vomit, sounds like fun right?

As always, Bas got it the worst, I spent yesterday mostly stuck on the couch cuddling him as he dozed. A diagnosis of ear infection came after he started refusing water and cried in misery (and spat out the Panadol we were trying to give him).

Are chemist visits expensive for you too? I get all “I’ll get one of those, and maybe one of those and one of those might help too”. Came out with his antibiotics ($8.50) and $45 less in my account. Hmmm. Anyway, worth it as he is feeling much better today. In fact, all of them are judging by the bouncing off the walls. And I’m ignoring that niggle in my throat. If I ignore it it will go away right? Just like the pile of washing waiting to be put away…..


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