A Birthday and Mother’s Day weekend extravaganza!

Phew. It’s Monday. I can sit on the couch for a bit. We had an amazing weekend but it’s been quite a busy few days in the Thommo house so I’m relishing having nothing to do. Well, that’s not entirely correct, there is plenty of hosuework to do (isn’t there always?) but I’m ignoring that for the morning at least.

Mother’s Day celebrations were kicked off on Friday morning wih a mother’s pampering session at Jack’s kindergarten. Jack gave me a lovely manicure,3 times in fact. I won’t show you you’ll just get jealous. At the session we mum’s were presented with a lovely pot plant painted and decorated by the kids. I love the handmade gifts the best!

Saturday we started Jack’s birthday celebrations with a visit to the museum. Sarah from All That Sazz met as at the museum with her lovely family and an incredible cake for Jack.

Jack had a go cutting the cake for the very first time.

We spent a little bit of time looking at the dinosaur exhibit, Ollie decided he wanted to walk so I didn’t get to see much of it. I was busy chasing a giggling toddler who thought he was the bees knees.

Then it was off to children’s section for lots of playing fun. would’ve been a lot more fun for the parents if it wasn’t so chilly, brrrr.

A bit of hide and seek under a bench is always fun.

I was banished to bed early when we got home, and leaving the bedroom for unimportant things, like the toilet, had to be done under strict supervision. Thommo brought Jack in when he came to bed and he slept in between us. 2 reasons, 1, a special treat for his birthday and 2. so we knew when he woke up.

6am was the wake up time, lucky we had him in our bed or we absolutely would have slept through it! We gave him his presents snuggled in bed, Lewis came in half way through and in typical 3yo fashion had a short tantrum about the lack of birthday presents for him.

Once the present opening was mostly complete, I was lead into the lounge room and surprise!

My beautiful new sewing nook! I was not expecting to be so spoilt at all! It’s perfect. Sits in a mostly unused corner of our lounge room, that window overlooks our backyard so I can craft/sew/blog from the desk while supervising the kids playing (when our backyard is no longer a disaster zone that is). And plenty of space to store all my bits and pieces. I’m sure there will still be containers of fabric hidden under our bed though, shhhh don’t tell Thommo.

Jack then got his final present.

The nice weather Melbourne had been putting on all week disappeared for the weekend, so a very excited birthday boy was limited to 2 quick laps in the light rain, we dashed inside just before the heaven rain began to fall.

A lazy day watching tv and cuddling my boys before family descended for a birthday dinner. Jack requested  sponge cake with jam and cream, a dinosaur cake and a cake with lollies. I combined the lot to come up with this, a vanilla cake filled with jam and cream, cream on the outside instead of icing, then KitKat cake treatment (KitKats around the edge, M&Ms on top) and dinosaur candles. Easy, and ticked all the requested boxes.

And so, my 5th Mother’s Day drew to a close and my baby boy is now FIVE. That seems so much older than four don’t you think?

And yes, we’re still struggling on the school front, eep.


One Response to A Birthday and Mother’s Day weekend extravaganza!

  1. katepickle says:

    oh those are both totally cool cakes!
    Sounds like you all had a great weekend!

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