Online shopping

I’ma  HUGE fan of online shopping. I first tried online grocery shopping when Lew was a babe, just seemed easier than taking a 2 under 2 to the grocery shopping. Yeah, I laugh in the face of my old woosy self.

When I was pregnant with the twins I converted. I could barely walk to the toilet let alone around the supermarket. And sure I could send Thommo with a list but he didn’t buy the right brands and yes I really am that much of a control freak.

I now do about 80% of our shopping online. From present buying to clothes for the kids, it’s so much easier to quickly Google and compare prices on exactly what I want, no traipsing around the shops for hours before walking away empty handed. It’s just SO much more convenient. And I don’t have to put a bra on. Winning!

Coles Online are my prefered online grocery supplier and today you’ll find me posting about Mother’s Day crafts for kids on their blog!


One Response to Online shopping

  1. MunLing says:

    online shopping is really save a lot time to us (mum of our children) as we really do not have much time to go out for groceries shopping and children wear with our loving little child….we can still shop in front of our monitor while our baby is sleeping during the afternoon….great success for online shopping

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