Good School Hunting

Sigh. I cant delay it any longer, Jack is 5 on Sunday and will be off to school next year. So I really need to take my head out of the sand and you know, decide which school I’ll be dropping him at each day.

I’ve been avoiding it. Quite frankly, it scares me. It feels like such a BIG important decision. Does the school have all the facilities I want him to have access to? Will the teachers inspire a love of learning? Does it feel right? Do I really want to trust my son’s education to them? His education. Far out. That feels HUGE. Could we just leave him in kindergarten instead? With the teachers we know and adore? Please? No?

We visited one school last week for a group tour. Left before the tour was finished. Rude possibly, but it felt so very wrong, definitely wasn’t his school. We’re visiting our 2 top contenders this week. I feel slightly ill at the thought of those tours. What if we don’t like them? What then? Scary.

We did try and palm the decision off on my lovely teacher MIL, we invited her to tour schools with us to give her opinion. Unfortunately she’s too busy doing her job to make our parenting decisions for us. Rude right? She’s given us some pointers on what to ask and be aware of though which helped a lot.

I’d much rather someone take this decision off our backs. It’d be far nicer to have someone else to blame if it all goes pear shaped. That’s what grown ups do right? No? Bugger. Guess we’ll just have to make the decision ourselves. I don’t wanna.


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