Mother’s Day hinting

Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away now. The pressure is definitely on Thommo thi syear to make it special.  You see, this year is the first year since Jack was born that Mother’s Day and Jack’s birthday coincide.

Jack was born on Mother’s Day. Yep, I became a mother on the day we celebrate mothers, it was incredibly special. At 35 weeks Jack decided he wanted out and was the first baby born in the hospital on Mother’s Day. I found this out while being stitched up (birth is so glam), high as a kite on gas, exhausted from 2.5 days labouring, legs akimbo and in waltzes a midwife with a huge cellophane wrapped basket. I was a wee bit confused.

My very first Mother’s Day was spent camped out in SCN with Jack in an incubator. This Mother’s Day I’m very much looking forward to celebrating the 5th birthday of the darling boy who made me a mum. A very special day indeed.

So let’s help Thommo out with a few sneaky gift suggestions!

This is high on my wish list, an Expedit desk with a 2 x 4 Expedit shelf unit.  There’s a perfect wall in our lounge room for the shelves to go on and the desk would be in front of a window overlooking our disaster zone backyard. It would be a perfect little sewing/crafting nook.

The above would of course need to go with the shelves and desk, it would be wrong not to make the most of all that storage right?

Yeah, I’ve got a thing for mirrors at the moment, all shiny and pretty. This would make a lovely home for my jewellery don’t you think?

I have this dressing gown in pink, I got it before Jack was born and I remember snuggling him on my chest underneath it. He loved to snuggle his hand into the soft fleece. My dressing gown has seen many a snuggle and is now missing it’s tie and the pockets have holes, So it might be time for a new one?

These slippers are sweet don’t you think?

What I’m hoping for most of all, is breakfast in bed with the birthday boy (croissants with ham and cheese please Thommo). A day spent seeing him open his presents and celebrating the beautiful boy that made us a family. That will be just perfect.


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