Meat free meal plan

For a while now I’ve contemplated reducing the amount of meat in our diet. I’ve done it in small ways by bulking out meat based meals with lentils or beans.  Increasing our vegetable based meals has always appealed but been put in the too hard basket.

Recently, my friend Kelly started a 2 week vegan challenge. I’ve watched Kelly’s journey to vegan unfold over the last year and it’s been inspiring and educational, so when she started the challenge I got to thinking about it again too.  And then a friend on Twitter jumped in on our discussion and linked me  to Vegan Easy’s 30 day meal plan and there went my excuses. Breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas all laid out for you. 30 days worth. And it all looks really yummy. Bye bye excuses.

I’ve decided to start off with eliminating meat for the first week of the challenge. I won’t call it vegetarian as there is 1 fish meal in there. Mainly because of the amount of dairy products in our fridge that I don’t want to go to waste. I’ve also got some concerns about soy that I need to research more. So here is our meal plan for the first week of the challenge (most of the recipes are from Vegan Easy):

Mushroom filo parcels with steamed greens

Shepherds pie

Tomato and eggplant pasta (I’ll skip the pasta in my serving and have sauteed zucchini strips instead)

Vegetable lasagna

Zucchini fritters served with a tomato dipping sauce

Tuna pasta

And our favourite easy dinner, baked beans, sauteed spinach and mushrooms on toast.

For lunches I’ll make a batch of veggie and bean soup for me, broccoli nuggets and wedges for the kids to supplement the usual sandwiches and fruit.

Will you take the challenge?






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