Roadtrip: Queensland days 1-3

We arrived in Queensland at 10am, the sun was shining, the water looked so inviting and there was lots of squeeing. After checking in to our accommodation and unloading the car (epic) we headed off to find some lunch before navigating out the other side of Brisbane to visit some of my relatives.

Boys eyeing off the pool as we unpacked

I’ll admit, that first evening was soured by some issues with our accomodation. We’d booked holiday house style accomodation in the hopes it would make our lives a bit easier, full sized kitchen and laundry facilities are a must when staying for extended periods with 4 kids! Unfortunately the online listing and photos didn’t mention the resident cockroaches, the baits left in very easy reach of children and a severely damaged element in an electric oven (that they later tried to pin on us, fun!). But it was Sunday night, we’d had to collect the keys from a local supermarket as the agency wasn’t open so there wasn’t much we could do until the next day.

The next day the kids woke bright and early (5am!). Quiet wasn’t in their plans for the day so getting out of our ground floor apartment asap seemed wise. By 6am we were walking on the beach.

The one redeeming feature of the accommodation was the stunning view

It amazed us how many people were out on the beach so early, can’t blame them though, if I lived close to the beach I’d probably be out there every day too. Can’t start the day much better than a walk on the beach in sunshine, splashing in the waves and sand beneath your feet. Oh hai Queensland bliss!

We spent the rest of the morning sorting out our accommodation. We reloaded the car, returned the keys to the agency then parked under a tree while phoning around to find an alternative. It only took one phone call and we were on our way to Bayview Bay Apartments and Marina. It was a huge relief to find beautiful, clean, modern apartments, well equipped kitchen, beautiful view and gorgeous pool (that was the kids favourite bit). Our own slice of heaven. Phew! We slept a lot easier that night.

Our new view

The next day was Valentine’s Day. We decided to drive up to Mt Tamborine.

The drive up the mountain was interesting. The road is quite steep and the Tarago wasn’t too thrilled about it. I was ever so pleased when Thommo decided to take a snooze while I was driving up one particulaarly steep section and the car was struggling to do 30kms! I was sure any second the car would stall and start going backwards. We did make it safely and enjoyed the beautiful treetop walk.

We stopped at the glow worm caves which to be honest we didn’t find great. Our kids are probably a bit young for it and the twins especially were getting a bit antsy.

We stopped at a local park for a picnic lunch, then a brief stop at Witches Chase Cheese Factory for some of their yummy Tamembert and we were on our way to the beach!

Once the kiddos were sound asleep Thommo and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with wine, Tamembert and a rather large knife.

The next day was Aussie World, but that deserves a post all it’s own.


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