Happy Easter!

We are not overly religious so to me Easter is a bit of a funny time. It doesn’t really rate to me and I tend to forget about it until the week before, then it’s a mad scramble (pardon the pun) to get organised.

This year I was a teensy bit more organised and we did it a little differently. The thrill of the hunt is the best part right? And I didn’t want a big pile of chocolate screaming to be eaten. So I bought 48 plastic eggs.


Filled the eggs with Easter themed stamps, fluffy chicks, stickers and Easter themed confetti.


The plastic eggs will make up the bulk of our hunt with a few chocolate eggs thrown in too. After all, it’s just not Easter without a bucketload of chocolate!

How do you deal with the chocolate avalanche at Easter?


2 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. as my 3 are so young I try to avoid a chocolate avalanche… in fact I asked my rellies to not get them eggs. Everyone followed my request, and got them bunnie!?!?!?!?!? we now have enough chocolate to sink a battle ship! I went down the same path as you and bought plastic eggs and filled them with junky stuff the kids will love – its all about the hunt right! I plan to sneak out early AM and plant the eggs, the bunny footprints and signs leading the way…. and then we’ll come back inside to open our eggs and presents (PJs, books, toy cars, bouncy balls and a few teeny bunnies and eggs hidden in the stash)…. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning! Happy Easter to you and your family Megs xx

  2. Mama M says:

    It makes me feel sad that you have those beautiful babies and aren’t ‘particularly religious…’ I hope you and your family can make your way into a relationship with the Lord. Love your projects – I remain a little intimidated by my sewing machine, so I admire anyone who has mastered hers!!! Best wishes to you all!

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