Organisation fail

My kinder lunch system has been working well so far. It’s a simple system, I cook stuff, package it into individual servings, then put the lot in a big container and into the freezer.



It’s great, everything in one place. I just pull out the container the night before kinder, Jack picks what he wants and it goes into his lunchbox then into the fridge. While they’re all eating breakfast I add yogurt/cheese/veggie sticks/fruit and it’s done. Easy.

After the chaos that was yesterday, I forgot to sort Jack’s lunchbox until this morning. He refuses to eat sandwiches at kinder so I grabbed a bag of veggie pancakes out of the box, a banana muffin and some carrot sticks. It’ll all thaw out by the time snack time rolls around, right?

Wrong. First thing he said to me when he got home was “my pancakes were still frozen!”. I felt about an inch big. Awesome.

Never fear, Thursday’s lunch is in the fridge ready to go. Can’t have him having a frozen lunch again. And especially not when I’m on kinder duty.


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