The joy of the threenager

I was going to write about the spectacular day I had yesterday celebrating my birthday eve (it’s my birthday today, I’m older than yesterday….get out of my head Justine Clarke!) however today has well and truly marked the arrival of the feral threenager.

Somehow, I had forgotten just how frustrating and painful this stage was. Blocked it out perhaps? But it’s funny how a particular act brings alllllllllllllllllllll those “happy” memories flooding back.

Lew has been a demanding child from the word go. He didn’t like to sleep, didn’t like being put down, hated nappy changes and baths. Thankfully he eventually found a love of sleep and is the funniest of personalities. He is very stubborn and firm in what he wants, tantrums are never far away. On one hand I really want to nurture that strong will, that sureness, but on the other, sometimes I really just want him to do what I tell him damnit!

Thus far 3 has been a careful navigation of battle grounds, negotiating, setting boundaries, reinforcing those boundaries repeatedly and sometimes, culminating in tantrum throwing, sometimes his, sometimes mine. Three is rough on parents.

But today, we entered the destruction zone. we’ve been here before, Jack LOVED scattering flour all over the house when I was doing unimportant things like going to the toilet. Today, Lewis chose his medium (for today at least). In the time it took Thommo to get a baby out of their cot Lewis and his blue crayon made their move. All over the front door, security door, door frame and floor. Awesome.

Luckily, we know the best way to get crayon off (WD40) and I will once again ensure crayons and pencils are out of reach except when supervised. And this stage will pass, just like all the others. In the meantime, I will remind myself that pushing boundaries is normal at this age. The threenager attitude is all part of them flexing their independence.

I will also stock up on chocolate and alcohol because on the really bad threenager days, they’re the only things that help. Once the threenager is safely sound asleep of course.


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