First day of kinder – done!

Finally after more than 12 months of nagging (from Jack, not me, promise…well…maybe a little bit) it was here, Jack’s first day of kinder!

Shockingly, we managed to be EARLY. Yep, that’s right, I managed to get myself and 4 kids ready to leave the house early. feel free to send me a gold star. 30 minutes before we were due to leave Jack was watching tv with his backpack on. He was keen to be going.

We killed time with some photos:

Yeah, Jack’s the poser of the family.

And then we were off! It was still early, but we managed to stretch a 15 minute walk to a 30 minute walk. Don’t ask me how.

We arrived at kinder and Jack picked out a cubby, he proudly hung the hand towel his over-achiever mother embellished for him on the hook provided and his teacher added the name label. His little space for the year.

He settled down at a table, and it was time for us to go.

Lewis wasn’t happy about leaving, Jack tried to comfort him with a kiss and cuddle:

Lew had to run back into the room when we reached the door and he was waving bye and Jack hadn’t noticed. Another cuddle from Jack and we headed home.  I think today was hardest on Lew, his best friend and play mate wasn’t there. After we’d been home for a little bit I asked him if he was ok “I still waiting for Jacky”, poor little love.

We collected Jack from kinder and headed to the park for a play and picnic lunch. Along the way Jack told me about his time at kinder and gave me the 3rd degree about what had happened at home without him. At the park I enjoyed playing with the DSLR, Thommo had to work.

Apparently even a poser has a daily quota.

Bassy’s adorable curls:

Sweet bubba feet

Chubba Bassy cheeks

Cheeky Lewis

Hey, who’s that?



A lovely first day for my first born. Although, wasn’t it just last week we were bringing this little baby home?



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