Kinder here we come!

Well, here Jack comes technically. In just a short few weeks my first born will be off to kinder. He is SO excited. I am SO nervous. I know he will have a wonderful time and it will be brilliant for him to have something that’s just his. But, he hasn’t been in formal care since before Lewis was born! I’m sure I’m going to miss him (although I won’t miss the whiiiiining and fighting that is currently driving me INSANE).

I’m nervous about the logistics, getting 4 kids and myself fed, dressed and out the door by 8am? Eep!

In an effort to try and get organised, I’m doing what I do best, stocking the freezer. I’m already prepping food to take on our epic roadtrip so it’s been easy to make a bigger batch to put some aside for kinder lunches.

So far I’ve got zucchini slice, cheese, bacon and corn muffins, blueberry mini muffins, choc chunk mini cookies, banana choc chip mini muffins and apple mini pancakes. Still to come are cheese and vegemite scrolls and ham, cheese and tomato scrolls. Then the night before packing the lunchbox will be a breeze, I’ll grab a savoury and treat out of the freezer, put into his lunchbox with some veggie sticks, fresh fruit, cheese cubes or boiled egg, fill up his water bottle and lunch is organised!

We’ve started implementing some new systems around the house in hopes of making things easier. I look forward to sharing those with you this week.

So for, we’ve bought the bag, picked a lunchbox (who knew that was such a minefield?), labels are on their way, new shoes – with Velcro to make my morning easier- have been purchased and the freezer is groaning. I guess we’re ready. I guess my little boy really IS taking the first step on his schooling journey. Better stock up on tissues.



One Response to Kinder here we come!

  1. Amy says:

    All this little ones going off to school is making me a bit teary. Have a great first day Jack!

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