DIY Friday: A touch of magic

My lovely BFF asked me if I could make her 2 adorable kids some swishy magician capes. I had a little bit of an oopsy with the smaller cape when I realised I hadn’t bought enough fabric. I went with and decided to try piecing it together in stripes, once that was done I decided to try lining it with floral satin I had on hand and I think it turned out pretty cute. Magician one day, fairy princess the next!

Both capes are half a circle so there’s lots of fabric for dramatic magician swishing!

The larger cape is edged in red sequin trim. I was planning on using the sequins for the magician’s initial but my sewing machine has decided it doesn’t want to light bulb to stay in, and sewing on black satin without the machine light bulb is a pain in the butt! But I think the edging looks pretty cool!

In other crafty news, last weekend was a dear friend’s blessingway. She requested that we bring along a bead, a candle and a quilt square. This is the square I made for her, quilters cotton backing with wool felt flower petals.

It was a magical afternoon celebrating a beautiful, glowing mama, showering her in love and catching up with friends. Now eagerly awaiting the news of her little bundle of joy arriving earthside.

Lots more on my crafty to do list before we head off on holidays! And I’m determined to get all the sewing done so I can learn how to crochet before we go. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps!



One Response to DIY Friday: A touch of magic

  1. Feistykel says:

    Love them. Im so lucky to have a BFF that sews!!!! Kids are going to flip, Finns so excited at his!

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