Twinlets room: DONE (for now)

Just when you thought you were never ever going to see them, here they are, photos of the twinlets completed room! Right before I switch it all up again.

Let’s go have a look, no need to tiptoe, they’re off playing with the big 2.

First, let’s see what we started with, this is way back in 2009 before we moved in:

A built in study, 2 entry doors, and lovely brown cork tiles glued to the wall next to the wardrobe (out of camera view).  Pale green paint.

And now…


As you walk in the door, Sebastian’s cot is opposite you. The canvases above each cot are wrapped in Michael Miller fabric with a wooden letter on top.  The convas in the middle is, of course, one of the gorgeous shots taken by the amazing Chrissy Torney.  There was an Ikea Lerberg shelf unit between the cots until they worked out they could reach it and throw stuff off. It’s now been rehomed in the big boys room.

To the left is a small photo wall. The small photo in the top middle is this very special photo. Directly under that is a photo of the blossoms on our weeping cherry tree, I loved watching the tree change and blossom when I was superglued to the couch during the twinlets’ pregnancy. The photos on the very bottom on the right and left are of Jack and Lewis cuddling the twinlets’ in hospital.

Let’s take a peek in Bas’s cot.

The simple quilt I made (same for both cots), Bas’s is backed with the main fabric used on the elephant on the left, Ollie’s is the main fabric of the elephant on the right. Bas’s 2 sleeping pals, his puppy and his teddy (Ollie has sheepy and ‘Raffey, we are highly original with toy names in this house).

To the right is Ollie’s cot and the glider is in front of the mirrored built in robes that the twinlets like to head butt. As their room is on a side of the house that doesn’t get a lot of light I wasn’t concerned about blocking light, so we’ve hung basic panels on Ikea clips. Their room is small and we knew one cot would have to be near the window. This way, there are no cords on the curtains, if Ollie tugs on them too much the clips will release the fabric with no damage to baby, or curtains.

As you turn to head out of the room (to the kitchen for a cuppa and some choc chunk cookies, I head they’re fresh out of the oven) you’ll pass the twinlets chest of drawers. They’ve got their sweet little piggy banks (gift for the baptism), more photos, Scout the Vtech puppy (Violet is off being played with) and their Dr Suess birthday cards.

Above are these lovely handpainted nursery rhyme plates (also recieved for their baptism):

Thanks for stopping by to visit before it all gets changed around! Enjoy your cookies 😀


One Response to Twinlets room: DONE (for now)

  1. Lou says:

    Yay!! It looks fantastic – you are so creative 🙂

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