A whole new world

The new year is looming, 2012 seems to be so shiny and new, so full of promise and hope. It’s going to be a good year for the Thommo household, a year of change, but definitely a good year.

2012 will see our first little duckling take his first steps into the education system. Jack is THRILLED to be starting kindergarten. I’m nervous and excited for him. I know he is ready, he’s spent most of the year asking if it’s time for school yet. I’m nervous about the logistics, 2 days a week he starts at 8.30, we’re walking to kinder and Thommo will be picking him up, so that means getting 4 children breakfasted, dress and out the door by 7.45. Eep! I’m nervous about not having my Jacky boy home 3 days a week! It’s the start of all my little ducklings flying off to school, 2013 Jack is at school and Lew at kinder, 2014 Lew at school, 2015 twinlets at kinder, 2016 twinlets at school. Why does time go so fast???

We’re also off on our first big family holiday, 2 weeks roadtrip! We’re driving to Brisbane. Why yes, it is likely we are insane! And I’m sure there will be a few posts about it in the lead up as I prepare for it. There are lists. Lots and lots of lists.

2012 will hopefully see us completing a lot of the work we have planned around the house. Thommo has spent the last couple of days working hard in the backyard, flat pack furniture has been purchased and some assembled. And there are some more lists. I’m quite a fan of lists.

It’s exciting and so full of promise, I’m looking forward to sharing our 2012 with you!



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