Easy Christmas bliss bombs


That was what I originally planned on making, don’t they look sweet? I more or less followed this recipe (soaking the fruit for a couple of days in a mix of apple juice and port instead of their heat and short soak method). I even measured the chocolate chips rather than just dumping in the whole packet like I usually do. The result was a lovely, moist, delicious pile of broken mini cakes. They weren’t stuck to the tins, they just didn’t want to hold together.

After I was done having my hissy hit about the stoopid recipe not working and it’s not faaaaair, I took a moment to whine to Facebook about my woes. Then shoved all the broken pieces into a container to deal with another day.

Several days later I softened a 250g block of Philadelphia cream cheese, threw it into Kenny (my Kenwood mixer) for a minute until it was a bit fluffy-ish, then dumped in the crumbs from my double batch of failure. Mixed it until I couldn’t see streaks of white cream cheese, then rolled it into small balls, threw them on a tray and into the freezer.

After an hour or 2 of freezing, I melted a block of milk chocolate (used 3.5 x 250g blocks in total) and coated the frozen balls, then put them aside to set.


The result was amazing. Chocolatey, fruity, moist (dodgiest word evah) deliciousness. So good.

What treats are you making or buying for Christmas celebrations?


One Response to Easy Christmas bliss bombs

  1. Trish says:

    These look so delicious …wish Id seen them earlier.

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