Santa photos – no screaming FTW!

That’s last year’s gem of a Santa photo. In our defense, we’re not usually big on making our kids cry and Lew was most enthusiastic in the line (aren’t they always??), but flipped on Santa’s knee. Quick photo snap and the above is what you get. And no, we didn’t even think to try to get the twins in that catastrophe, they stayed sound asleep in their slings, smart babies.

This year went a lot smoother. We decided to see Santa in Christmas Square (Melbourne), free to see him and take your own camera = no pressure for the perfect photo.

We arrived about 30 minutes before Santa, Lew napped in the pram, the babies chilled out checking out the scene, and Jack tried to score food off the surrounding strangers.

I came prepared with lots of snacks and water for all and the wait passed quickly. Santa arrived to much excitement from the big boys. We were third in line so it was a mad rush to clean up Vegemite faces and straighten clothes while Thommo got the camera ready to go.

After all the nagging to see Santa, we got in there and Jack beelined for the large present props and barely spoke to Santa! We did, however, get this photo:

And we were all happy. No tears FTW!!

Let’s take a look at all our Santa photos to date:

Jack’s 1st Christmas, complete with dodgy Santa:

The next year was Lew’s 1st Christmas:

Our Christmas card phot that year, not relevant to this post but I love it!

2009 they Liked the idea of Santa but not so much the reality. Jack was quite a fan of the big jar of jelly beans Santa had on hand though.

2010 again just for kicks:

And of course, this year’s:

I’m savouring this year’s photo, I’m betting next year’s will be minus the twinlets!


One Response to Santa photos – no screaming FTW!

  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been a terrible mother and haven’t taken my sons to see Santa just yet. I can never seem to time it right!

    You’ve got a great shot of yourself and the boys this year. You are looking fantastic!

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