Lew stood on a rather large, rusty nail the other day. It pierced his shoe and went into his foot. Awesome.

Thommo rushed him to the doctors where the wound was cleaned and dressed and antibiotics prescribed. That’s pretty much where the fun began.

First, 18kg 3yo is refusing to walk on the foot (can’t blame him) so he needs to be carried. Although, when he wants to he manages to get where he wants tol go rather well, hmmm.

Second, the aforementioned antibiotics need to be given 4 times a day. At least 30 minutes before and 2 hours after food. Given to a child who has a looooooong history of hating medicine. He’s been known to vomit just when we’re in the middle of the “woot we got him to take his medicine!” dance. And dosing must occur while trying to explain to moody 4yo that no he can NOT have any of his brother’s medicine.

Yep, I’ve got a medicine refuser and a medicine demander. And an extra 18kgs to lug around. Fun times.


One Response to Medicine

  1. I feel your pain. My youngest was/is a medicine refuser – yes, he is almost 21! Just recently I did the happy dance because he was so sick with flu that he took two Panadol, which would be the first medication of any kind he has had since I could no longer wrap him a towel and force him.

    On the upside, he has an incredible immune system and watching him with a virus is quite spectacular as he spikes a high temp to kill it off, often with me hovering and threatening the ED department!

    He even had an ingrown toenail removed, with just the local, refusing any follow-up pain relief.

    Good luck with that!!!!

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