Parenting Fail

Jack (4.5) decided early this evening that he didn’t want to live with us anymore.

We played along, suggested he pack a bag and that perhaps he might like to say goodbye to his brothers.

He packed himself a bag “I’ve got my pantses, my jamas, my dress and my nuggles”, said goodbye and started banging on the front door.

Well, we thought he was banging on the front door. It took us 2 minutes to realise he’d gone quiet. We both raced to the door, not there. He must be waiting for us at the car. Nope. Our court is in a t shape and we couldn’t see him.

I raced down our section of court to the corner while Thommo ran inside to put his shoes on. I got to the corner to see a little figure in the distance about to round the corner, white tshirt, black jocks, Buzz Lightyear lunchbox swinging at his side.

I couldn’t believe how far he’d gotten in such a short time! Thommo ran up behind me and ran after him. A few minutes later they were both home.

We are lucky that our court is very quiet, that he knows to walk in the gutter and on the footpath (no footpath in our court) and we caught him before he got to the busy main road we live near.

Lesson learned, determined little boys walk fast and time to start locking the front door with the key. And never, ever assume, always check, just in case.


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