Things I Know: Twinlet Week

Linking up with Shae at Yay For Home.

I know it’s not Friday, therefore I am 2 days late joining this linky.

I know I didn’t share the twinlets’ room like promised yet again. I also know it’s not actually finished. I also also know that it would take all of about an hour to finish. And yet….

I know the party was a smashing success.

I know I over cater. A lot. Always. To the point of sending a random stranger home with food.

I know I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

I know having twins is HARD work. Having twins when you have a 2 yo and 3.5yo is even harder. Where’s my gold star yo?

I know having twins is FUN!

I know I feel like a fraud whenever anyone says I’m supermum.

I know I feel like a prat for typing the above.

I know my birth story still gets an amazing amount of hits. Amazing to me anyway.

I know this blog post on the morning of the twinlets’ birthday made me cry.

I know I LOVE reading my BFF’s perspective of the twinlets’ birth story, makes me cry everytime.

I know we SURVIVED. And I think this linky could make a really awesome shot game.


One Response to Things I Know: Twinlet Week

  1. Amy says:

    Gorgeous. So glad everything went smashingly and you had a wonderful time celebrating your wonderful boys.

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