Twinlet Week: Happy Birthday Sebastian!

Dear Sebastian,

This time 12 months ago I was holding you in my arms for the first time and now you’re 1 year old!!

Oliver was in a rush to born, but you weren’t so keen on the idea. Or perhaps you just waiting for your chance to make your own grand entrance? And what an entrance it was! You flew into the world!

You are my little sweetheart. You’ve always been a little unsure of the world, never a fan of floor time, hesitant in new situations, you like to survey the scene from the safety of my arms (or daddy’s!) before slowly venturing out when you’re ready.  You love to snuggle close in the Ergo on my front, peeking out from behind the straps. It’s amazing to see your confidence grow, you’re still a little hesitant but you’re beginning to be a lot more curious about the world, starting to explore more.

You’ve always been a happy, content little darling, but now your cheeky side is starting to come out! If you’re getting into mischief, as we walk towards you, you giggle and wriggle and squirm, quickly trying to get away. You can’t get away too fast, you’re still commando crawling mostly but slowly slowly you’re crawling properly more and more.

You LOVE to sleep! We joke that you’re our favourite child because you’re the least likely to wake us at night. There have been several nights when all 3 of the other boys have needed us while you have slept soundly. 10-12 hours overnight and about 4 hours during the day broken into 2-3 sleeps. You snuggle your blankie and teddy while sucking your thumb, daddy says you’re just like Linus from Peanuts.

Watching you with any of your brothers makes me all melty, it’s so easy to see how much you adore them by the look on your face. You reach out to hold Ollie’s hand, follow the big boys mimicking what they do. It’s so lovely seeing how close you all are, I hope you stay that close in the years to come.

You’re definitely the baby of the family Sir Bas-A-Lot. You are a joy, you bring joy, we love you and we are so very very lucky to have been blessed with you.


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