Twinlet Week: Happy birthday Oliver!

To my gorgeous cheeky Ollie,

It was this time 1 year ago that you rushed into the world. Obviously sick of Sebastian sitting on your head you decided 35 weeks was a great time to make your appearance.

You were the smallest but you are the most determined little boy. Nasal gastric tube for feeds? You pulled it out. When you want something you are not shy letting us know. Even your cry has always sounded more indignant/demanding than sad/upset.

You are crawling, pulling yourself up to stand and cruising along furniture. You’ve worked out how to go up the steps but I really wish you’d learn to go down them bum first, you are always determined to lead with your head.

You are confident, your favourite place to be is in the Ergo on my back where you can chat, wave and grin at the world around you. The only time you’re still is when you’re sleeping, the rest of the time you’re moving whether it be crawling, cruising, dancing, bouncing, flapping your arms, you’re always on the go.

You love booba, food and your brothers. You love to squeal and yell. You’re not such a fan of sleep, but you do like listening to your VTech Violet puppy play music. You have your glare down pat, although it always makes us laugh, not sure that’s quite the effect you’re going for.

You now have 5 teeth, your big toothy grin is adorable and adds to your cheeky charm. You are an endless source of delight and giggles. We love you so much and are so blessed to have you ❤


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