1 year ago….

I was home from a nightmare afternoon of appointments. Hours spent laying in pregnancy day stay trying to get a decent ctg trace. Sounds easy enough huh? But the ctg’s required me to lay reclined (not flat, an ultrasound tech had me lay flat and I thought I was going to pass out), the combination of ever so comfy hospital beds and sitting in the same position aggravated my pelvis to agony levels.

That day they were short staffed, busy and the twinlets did not want to play nice. They were such active babies the midwives were struggling to find their heartbeats. They brought in the portable ultrasound machine but even that didn’t help.

In the end I was sent off to my obs appointment, sore, stressed and well and truly over it! I was seen by a different Dr. Heartbeats unlocatable by Doppler. Again ultrasound is brought in. Stress until babies found, heartbeats fine and breech position confirmed again.

At this point, I just wanted to them out. I was sore, exhausted, scared. We’d been told twin 1 was transverse, with a previous precipitate labour I was terrified I’d go into labour with a transverse bub and end up with a prolapsed cord. I wanted them out where I could SEE that they were safe.

The Dr discussed booking a c-section and we agreed. She suggested booking it for when I was 38 weeks. I cried. I couldn’t imagine surviving 3 more weeks. She agreed to move it to 37+4, which still seemed FOREVER away but finally, after hours at the hospital we went home.



One Response to 1 year ago….

  1. Amy says:

    Look at that beautiful bump!

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