Only on blogs

Only on blogs can I go from heart soaring, to heart aching to heart soaring again.

It’s a rainy Melbourne day and I’ve declared a pj day. The big kids are watching Dinosaur Train and the twinlets are snoozing. I’ve spent a delicious hour surfing through the wonderful I Heart My Body posts. I’ve meandered through, marvelling at the beauty of our bodies, rejoiced at the celebration of those bodies, wandered off and discovered new bloggers, had my heart break at unfairness of their lot, had my heart broken and uplifted all at once and marvelled at the beauty that is this blogging world.

So many stories, so much hurt, so much love, so much joy. All real. All shared. All beautiful. What an awesome, awe-inspiring, just plain inspirational community. What a way to spend a lazy Sunday.


2 Responses to Only on blogs

  1. Wanderlust says:

    The blogging community is amazing and gorgeous, isn’t it? Thanks for the link. x

  2. Tash says:

    Wow, so true. So much great writing and sharing out there! Thanks for sharing these links!

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