I love a sidecar cot!


Cot sidecar = best invention ever for this family.

The babies are now sleeping through the night in their room most nights but I’ve been reluctant to pack away the spare cot. The final acknowledgement that my babies are fast approaching toddler-dom and less than 3 weeks remain until they are 1. Please excuse me while I go stick my head back in the sand.

That side carred cot has now become the most prized sleeping position of the big boys. The “can I sleep in your bed tonight mum””can I sleep with you mumma?” begins middle of the afternoon. My answer depends entirely on the state of the day and my level of frazzled. But come dark, when all is quiet and I’ve had 5 or so minutes to myself (if I’m lucky I’ve even pee-ed without an audience!!) and those little voices call out….I’m putty in their hands.

The cot allows them to be close to me but in their own space. They get the closeness, I get to sleep without feet in my back or awkward contortions. It’s worth it’s weight in gold when any of them are sick. And, importantly, I know there’s always space for the babies without moving or evicting anyone (except occasionally Thommo).

And mornings tend to get delightfully crowded:



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