Busy busy busy

It’s been a crazy few days here! 3 days at the expo has left me with sore feet, a big grin and a house of chaos!

The expo was a fantastic experience, the Babes in Arms team is made up of some really awesome women (and a couple of awesome men). It was so much fun working with them, and you all know how much I love Ergos!! I think the highlight for me was the final day, we sold Ergos to 3 sets of twin parents! It’s worked so well for us and I’m so excited about them helping make another twin family’s day a little easier. The other highlight may have been my gorgeous new True Blue ErgoBaby Performance carrier. Maybe. Possibly. (I’m in love!).

Monday I ignored the aching feet and, with Thommo’s assistance, surprised the Thomlets with a visit to Scienceworks for Dino Day. We had a fantastic time, a post about all the fun we had is coming.

Amongst all that I’ve started a course online. You know, just something to fill the spare hours 😉 Planning for the twinlets Suess-ical birthday party is well underway. I’m so looking forward to it, can’t believe it’s almost been a year already! And how amazing are these invites Gayle from I Will Invitations designed for us:


I suppose I better stop avoiding housework and drag this house back into order. Unless you all need me for something? I might just wait here a little bit, you know, just in case…


One Response to Busy busy busy

  1. Amy says:

    What fantastic birthday cards!

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