Glad that week is o.v.e.r. Everyone finally got over their gastro and then Sebastian started cutting more teeth. I took a break from party preparations Saturday afternoon to make a dash to my BFF’s (with Bas as he was Sir Super-Cling-On). 5 minutes out from BFF’s house and the car broke down. On the freeway. In the pouring rain.

Luckily the car gave me enough notice of it’s impending doom to enable me to pull over in the emrgency lane. Also luckily my BFF was able to come and wait with Bas and I and then drop us home. But I tell you what, being stuck on the side of a freeway with cars and trucks zooming past is scary stuff. I’m such a worry wart, Bas demanded a feed and I left him buckled in his car seat while feeding just in case some random car/truck decided to hit our car, at least he’d be safe. Yeah. I cope with stressful situations well right?

So the nice RACV man came, by which point tears were done, car was emptied of carseats and Bas safely strapped into BFF’s car. Many jokes were cracked and I may have suggested the RACV man get the car pushed over a cliff for me. Sadly he didn’t oblige (whatever happened to customer service??). Car should be ready to be picked up tomorrow. Being carless is such fun. Not.

Lew’s party was hastily relocated from the park to our place, which meant lots of hasty cleaning. After all the rushing, he had a fantastic afternoon. We kept it simple (I was SOOOOO thankful!). We had a dinosaur theme (Lew’s current favourite), condensed milk cookies cut out with a dinosaur cutter and decorated with smarties, chocolate crackles with dinosaur sprinkles, platter with bikkies, cheese, kabana and dip. And of course take 2 of the dinosaur cake. If it wasn’t for the car breaking down, it wold have been a lovely, stress free weekend!

Here’s some photos of the birthday boy:

Lew announced “hip hip HOORAY” and blew out the candles midway through the singing of “happy birthday”. Obviously too exciting to wait 😉

A ride to the park on his new scooter completed his day.

And dinner was all too much:

It was a lot of stress. And I’ll be honest, there were times we concerned cancelling the party all together. But seeing him have so much fun makes it ALL worth it. Plus we got to catch up with some dear friends too, bonus!

Now onwards and upwards to planning the twins party, it’s just over a month away!!


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