Happy birthday Lew!

This time 3 years ago I had no idea what the day had in store. A fairly normal day ended with the loss of Thommo’s grandfather and the arrival of our precious Lewis just hours later.

Looking at the big boy he is now I can’t believe how tiny he was!

Lew was impatient, arriving at 37 weeks on the dot after just 2.5 hours labour. He brought smiles and joy on a day of tears. He was a demanding baby, putting him down was not allowed and sleep was for the weak!

I remember desperate times of trying to get him to sleep, breastfeeding until he seemed to be in a deep sleep, then the little eyes popping open the minute I moved. At one point we resorted to a Wiggles nursery rhyme dvd that he loved, we’d crawl in to hit play again without him seeing us. Oh the things you do when you are desperate for a break!

He is fiercely independant when he wants to be “NO! I do it!”, stubborn when he doesn’t want to do something, throws a fabulous tantrum complete with bottom lip drop and flapping arms. Lewis knows exactly what he wants and does not want. He LOVES the Cars movies, dinosaurs and Mickey Mouse. He is happy to play by himself, driving his cars around and loves playing stacks on with Thommo and Jack. He is strong willed and has far too little fear for my liking!

His birthday requests are ice cream for dinner, cake, candles, presents, visit to the park, feeding the ducks, cuddles with mummy and daddy, playing cars with daddy, and Mater and Mac. I think we can tick most of those off for him.

To my darling cheeky Lew, you try my patience, make me smile, frustrate me, melt my heart, make me smile and fill our lives with joy. You are a beautiful, strong, self assured, confident little man and we love you so very very much. My heart bursts with love and pride. You’ve grown and changed so much in just 3 short years, I can’t wait to see the changes the future brings. Happy birthday LewLew bear xx


P.S. I am totally missing his curls! May his hair return to it’s former unruly curl glory asap!



One Response to Happy birthday Lew!

  1. Amy says:

    What a gorgeous little boy. Happy Birthday!

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