Things I know

Hooking up with Shae for another “Things I know” Friday!

– I am tired. Now I’m actually getting sleep in longer than 2 hour blocks, the last 18 months-ish of crap sleep has crash tackled me. Wonder how long it takes to catch up on that amount of missed sleep?

– It’s party day tomorrow and I’m excited!

– Re-organising a house and decluttering doesn’t happen overnight, who knew?

– I’ve been a craaaaap blogger. I’ve got a pile of photos waiting to be put in to posts that currently only exist in my head. I’ll get caught up soon I hope.


ETA: I know Murphy and his law stink. Just as I was halfway through decorating the birthday cake, the birthday boy woke up vomiting. Bye bye party. Poor Lew 😦  We’re hoping to reschedule to next weekend. In the meantime, anyone need a dinosaur cake?


3 Responses to Things I know

  1. You poor thing, I hope you catch up on some sleep soon.

    As for the crap blogging, I think I pretty good a being a crap blogger too.

  2. Sara says:

    Oh no, poor bday boy 😦 hope he feels better soon 🙂

    I’ve spent the whole months reorganising and haven’t finished yet!

  3. That sucks. Poor baby. Hope he feels better soon and enjoys next week’s party.

    Your cake rocked too!

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