Things I know

Joining in with Shae at Yay For Home for a rather random collection of things I know this week.


– Melbourne weather is fickle, glorious spring days one week, miserable cold and rainy the next

– the weather is most likely to turn to crud the day after you buy a beautiful spring dress that you are DESPERATE to wear

– I refuse to go to all the effort of shaving my legs if the weather isn’t going to play ball.

– Dealing with super-energetic 4yos stuck inside thanks to the stupid weather is not fun.

– Ironing boards are dangerous around whirlwind not-quite-3yos. If it wasn’t so handy for sewing I’d sell it and the iron too, not like I use them any other time…

– iPhones struggle to capture the detail of a massively swollen eye with many shades of green and purple bruising

– not-quite-3yos apparently feel no pain. After the initial tears immediately after he ran into the ironing board we haven’t heard a peep about it from him. If that was my eye I’d be whining up a storm.

– I could not survive without my husband and my bffs to lean on. They’ve got me through some rough times this week. Love them dearly.


4 Responses to Things I know

  1. 4 year olds stuck inside… oii vey… this melbourne weather today is a good one!

  2. oh that eye looks nasty! I hope the weather improves soon

  3. Kids sure can be tough at times can’t they? Hope the weather dries up quickly for you. Feel free to send some of it up north, I am more than ready for a good downpour.

  4. Sif Anna Dal says:

    Oh no! This weather sucks great hairy dogs balls, that’s for sure! My not-quite-three year old is sporting a number of bruises on his forehead that the iPhone refuses to do justice, too, as well! And yep, you wouldn’t know it listening to him either…

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