Spring part 2

I’ve never been a fan of warm weather, I’ve always prefered cold, rainy days. I love clouds racing by, rain hitting my windows and snuggling up under blankets.

So why is it, this year I’m craving sunshine? Trees are starting to blossom, blue skies and glorious sunshiney Melbourne weather have me cheering rather than my usual grumbling about summer being near.

Perhaps it is because I missed most of spring and summer last year? This was me last year when our cherry blossom was blooming:

Ginormously pregnant! I loved watching the tree bloom from my nest on the recliner. And then as the blossoms faded and green leaves covered the tree I watched it, still from nest, under the weight of 2 newborns cradled at my breast.

Perhaps that is why this year I am yearning for the warmth, the sunshine, bare arms and legs, trips to the beach, sand through out the car, bbqs, outdoor gatherings with friends…This year, I’m going to soak it all up, enjoy every last second of the sunshine, make up for what I missed last year while I was hibernating.

*Disclaimer: I reserve the right to moan and groan and whinge about the heat.


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