Why is that the second your first child is born someone hits the “fast forward” button and the months suddenly start flying past?

Jack is now 4 years 3 months, his imagination is flourishing and he comes out with the most amazing stories. His attitude is flourishing too, lots of door slamming when he’s mad at us. The photo above is of him walking like a duck, he really gets in to it and it has Thommo and I in hysterics.

Lewis will be 3 next month and he’s our stubborn little spitfire. He knows exactly what he wants. His speech and comprehension is amazing and I have to remind myself of his age often. I gave him a hair cut on the weekend, it’s shorter than it’s been before, a lot was cut off at the back when he cut his head a few weeks ago so I was trying to even it out. It’s a bit of a dodgy job but I think he looks a bit like a pixie, very cute but I miss his curls.

Oliver and Sebastian are 9 months old now. Oliver is Mr Social, he loves checking out the world, chatting, exploring. He got his first tooth this week and the second isn’t far behind. He’s mastered crawling and has quickly moved on to pulling himself up to stand. Growing up far too quick for my liking! And as you can see, solids are going well!

Sebastian is our shy little snuggle bear. He’s very unsure with people other than Thommo and I, and if we’re somewhere new he much prefers to check it all out from the safety of our arms. He commando crawls , happily babbles, loves his food and sucks his thumb. And it’s looking like he’ll be another curly bear like Lew, with little curls beginning to form at his neck and abover his ears.

It’s so interesting watching them both develop, their different personalities and who hits milestones when. They’re so very different, even in the way they hold themselves. Pick Bassy up and he immediately curls into you, 1 hand grabbing onto your clothes (just in case you planned on escaping!). Pick Ollie up and he holds himself a little away from you, little head swivelling to see the world. Both still happily breastfed.

Life with our little Thomlets is busy but oh so wonderful!


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