Big boys’ room before and after!

It is still missing a couple of little things, I’m planning something for the wall above the bed and I’m still trying to find a light that I like and doesn’t cost a fortune. But here it is anyway in all it’s “sort of” finished glory!



I’d love to be able to display anything on top of the chest of drawers (some of their toy dinos and a world globe had been my intention) but I know they’d just play with them and I’d get all OCD about them being moved etc etc and considering it is THEIR room I figure just using it to lay out their clothes (pj’s and snuggle bears in this photo) will do.

Mr Dino is painted on. I found an image I liked on Google, drew a grid over it, gridded the wall and sketched Dino on up there! Then painted him. He’s a little rough but the boys love him and that’s all that matters.

There have been a couple of misses in the making of this room, we have a tunnel/tent for over the top bunk but that has been removed for the moment because of lots of playing and cheekiness at bed time. I did have some bunting hanging around the bottom bed in an attempt to make it feel a bit special (like the tunnel on the bed above), until I busted little boys swinging from it, so removed it for safety. I tried my hand at making roman blinds, but they were a bit of a wonky fail and again little boys (in particular a certain 2.5yo) tugged on them. I’ve replaced them with some simple curtains I made from Ikea fabric, basically a hemmed rectangle. They’re clipped up on an Ikea rod and rings, the clips mean if there’s any tugging the fabric will come down without any damage.

The curtains aren’t always closed but these windows have a direct view into our neighbours backyard which I didn’t think they’d appreciate being broadcoast on the net!


3 Responses to Big boys’ room before and after!

  1. treacydevlin says:

    Their room looks terrific. So bright and colourful. Great work.

  2. Amy says:

    This looks great! You did a fantastic job. I also know what you mean about displaying things in their room, I keep trying to put feature certain toys on top of my sons chest of drawers and he just keeps pulling it off. Sigh!

  3. Emma says:

    That looks awesome Megs! Love those curtains, my Jack would love them. Great job on the dinosaur too he’s cute!

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