Luxurious weekends

Thommo is a shift worker, as such he rarely has a weekend off. Last weekend was one of those rare weekends off. It feels so much more “normal” having him home on the weekends and it’s much easier to catch up with friends!

This past weekend our DIY to-do list got shelved. Friday night we went on a family date, everyone was starting to rub each other up the wrong way and a change of scenery always helps that! After dinner we all piled into the car and headed to San Churro. Broke the tension, we all had a good time and churros are yummo!

Saturday the kids played and Thommo and I were sucked into the world of True Blood. We’re Johnny-come-latelys, only up to Season 2 but loving it! Silky wonton noodle soup from the local noodle shop for lunch, my sister dropped by for an afternoon coffee and then the wonderful Notrom’s over for dinner.

Sunday we caught up with Mrs Notrom again at a market. We haven’t been to a market in agggggges, there’s something so relaxing about wandering around a market. Mrs Notrom was a hit with the big 2, I’m surprised they didn’t talk her ears off, and it left my hands free to wander the market holding Thommo’s hand (babes were in Ergos of course), such a luxury!! Hot jam donuts were a must of course, a lucky dip for the 2 big boys, books to add to Thommo’s pile and a couple of awesome props for Thommo’s fledgling photography business, a most successful outing! Let’s not mention the fun of loading the car with our finds….

After the market a quick stop to drop something at a friends and have a bit of a chat. Then home again for dinner, baths, bed and more True Blood.

A simple weekend, probably a normal weekend for most. But a luxury for us. So refreshing spending time with good friends and family. Just lovely.


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