August Challenge

A friend tweeted this morning that they are embarking on “No Take Away August”. I immediately thought “brilliant idea” and here I am jumping on the band wagon.

Dinners have gotten away with us, we’ve been tired, sick and a wee bit lazy, our reliance on take away has become too heavy, in more ways than one! I’ve mentioned before how crap food intake becomes a vicious cycle, so this month is an attempt to break that cycle. It will also be kinder on our waistlines and bank account!

So here is this week’s meal plan:

Monday: Mini meatball subs and home made wedges. These are yummy, cheaty and easy. I use Masterfoods Tuscan meatball sauce, grated veggies or a can of lentils in with the meat. Scoop cooked balls into bake at home dinner rolls, top with a little grated cheese and voila.
Tuesday: Good ol’ meat and 3 veg. Steak for Thommo and I, sausages for the kidlets that turn their nose up at steak.
Wednesday: Curried sausages
Thursday: fish baked in foil with herbs, butter and lemon slices, veggies
Friday: Beef stir fry with hokkien noodles (Thommo’s favourite)
Saturday: we’ve got friends visiting for dinner so I’ll be making chicken, bacon and cashew risotto and a flourless chocolate cake for dessert. I’ll make extra risotto so I have some for Sunday night’s dinner.
Sunday: Baked arancini and steamed green veg.

So there it is, our first week of the “No Take Away August” challenge. Care to join us?


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