Keeping it real – 8 month twinlet update

So this twin gig is pretty intense. It is double the awesome of course, double the baby giggles (2 babies giggling at the same time is just the cutest thing!), double the snuggles, double the love.

It’s also double the workload, double the juggle. All 4 kids were sick last week and well, it was hell. Thommo had to take a day off work in addition to the 2 he already had. Having to delatch your teething. sick, miserable baby to race off and attend to your just-woken-with-a-coughing-fit-scared-sick-2.5yo sucks. Having to prioritise whose needs are most important also sucks. Not being able to just bring the sick big kids into bed with us is another point of suckage. Thommo slept on the couch 1 night, a mattress on the floor next to Lew the next night and the recliner with the 2 sick big boys on a mattress on the lounge room floor the next.

The babes are, of course, still breastfeeding. The long stretches of sleep we were getting at night have vanished, making way for feeds every 2-3 hours, sometimes they time it so I’m feeding them both, others I’m awake every hour feeding them separately. I refuse to wake them to feed them together because I live in hope that they will return to the longer stretches. Soon. Any day now. Any minute. Please.

I need eyes in the back of my head. Just this morning I turned my back on Sebastian as he happily played on the floor, turned to put Ollie in his highchair. When I turned back 4yo Jack had offered Sebastian some poo to snack on, yes, poo. And in a fit of “oh so vile and wrong” Sebastian ate it. Yes, he ate it. I cried. Nothing quite like your baby chowing down on poo to make you feel like a crap mum.

The kicker, coffee gives me heartburn. I’m a sleep derived mum who can’t drink coffee. On what planet is that fair people? Oh cruel cruel world!

I ADORE my twinlets and while I might whinge, I absolutely wouldn’t trade it for the world. I just struggle with having to divide my time and cuddles, especially noticeable when they’re sick.

Parenting twins is a hard gig. 100% worth it but it sure isn’t without tears (mine).



One Response to Keeping it real – 8 month twinlet update

  1. Sandi says:

    Hello! Kel linked your post on twitter so I thought I’d come on over. Parenting twins is hard; I have just my four year old twins so I can’t speak about juggling other kids too but it is so hard to have to stop with one kid to deal with another. I felt like I never got to give one baby my full attention. Nursing definitely helped me feel like I was giving them attention.

    I found that nine months was a major sleep regression but my kids did get back to longer stretches. My kids were pretty awful sleepers and their sleep didn’t really improve until I weaned them.

    Your boys are beautiful! I’m feeling nostalgic for when my kids were that small & cuddly.

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