Permission to decorate

It’s a funny thing, we’ve owned this house (well, owed the bank a lot of dollars for the house) for almost 2 years now. There are a lot of quirky little things around the place courtesy of the previous owners that we neither need nor use and yet it feels like I need permission to move/remove them.

I’m a grown woman, this is my house, who on earth do I need permission from? Certainly not my husband, when I ask him about such things he gets a deer in headlights look, I’m sure he’s thinking 2 things, “how much is it going to cost” and “how much work will I have to put in”. Definitely not my children, would you trust a 4yo, 2.5yo or 8mo with household decorating dilemmas? And I’m almost certain the bank doesn’t care what I do so long as the mortgage is paid.

They’re the only 3 groups whose opinion should really matter. Who cares what other people think of my paint choices or decorating decisions? We live here, not them. Our house is for us. For it to be a home and to be filled with love and things we love whether other people love them or not.

I don’t need permission, but I do need reminding of that fact. Fill the house with things we love and it will be perfect. And really, how many ceiling hooks does a house really need?

While we’re talking decorating, the big boys’ room is finally done! Can I get a woot woot over here? All will be revealed shortly!


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