Coming to you LIVE from the sick house

Oh joy of joys 4 out if 4 kidlets are sick. Started with Lewis, then Jack, Ollie kicked in with a scream-fest, then Bas with a cough.

Thommo got kicked out of bed last night so I could sleep with babies either side of me. Only there wasn’t much sleeping. Despite a dose if Panadol Ollie was really really distressed, scream the house down distressed. He didn’t want to feed, but would flip out even more if Bas fed. Funnily enough Bas found it distressing getting screamed at while feeding so he’d join in a bit too. That was happening every 1-2 hours and for up to an hour at a time. Oh my poor neighbours.

I can’t tell you how awful it was to have a baby screaming for such an extended period. Nothing I tried worked, all I could was just hold him close, eventually he was ready to feed and would then go to sleep. Of course, he’s lying next to me right now all smiles and coos and giggles.

Interspersed with the babies was Lew waking and calling out for me, 3-4 times between 3am and 6am.

I had big plans for working on the house the next couple of days. Those plans have been revised to keeping children comfortable and praying the adults don’t get sick too!


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